i only applied for this business with a view to accumulating first hand experience

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B. gaining

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Đáp án B

Từ đồng nghĩa tương quan - kiến thức và kỹ năng về kể từ vựng

Tạm dịch: Tôi chỉ ứng tuyển chọn cho tới việc sale này nhằm mục tiêu thu thập kinh nghiệm tay nghề thực tiễn.

=> accumulating: to lớn get more and more of something over a period of time: thu thập, thực hiện tăng thêm.

Xét những đáp án

A. attain /ə'tein/: đạt được, giành được

B. gain /gein/: thực hiện tăng thêm

C. penetrate /'penitreit/: sâu sắc sắc

D. accomplish /əˈkʌm.plɪʃ/: hoàn thành xong, đạt cho tới.

Cấu trúc không giống cần thiết lưu ý:

with a view to lớn doing st: với mục tiêu làm những gì

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Câu 1:

Read the passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D to lớn answer the following questions from 36 - 42

Environmentalists often fear that tourists will trample all over sensitive natural resource areas, but tourism may bring the needed and only economic incentives to lớn help drive conservation, said Bynum Boley. Ecotourism and natural resource conservation already have a mutually beneficial relationship that is ideal for creating a sustainable partnership.

"Ecotourism destinations benefit in the size of enhanced tourism competitiveness from the protection of quality natural resources," he said. "Meanwhile, the conservation of these natural resources is increasingly valued since these pristine natural resources are the foundation of the ecotourism industry and the driver of all economic benefits associated with ecotourism."

Tourism is a $7.6 trillion global industry, provides 277 million jobs and is a primary income source for đôi mươi of the world's 48 least-developed countries. It also subsidizes environmental protection and helps protect, conserve and value cultural resources that might otherwise be undervalued by the host community, Boley said. In the newspaper, Boley and co-author Gary Green said that despite past tension between the tourism industry and environmentalists, the two should team up as allies to lớn fight off increasing conversion of land away from its natural state, Ecotourists not only provide a boost to lớn the economy in such places, they can also motivate landowners into keeping the environment in its natural state instead of converting it into something unsustainable. They could also influence the public perception of conservation, Boley explained, which does not often favor environmental protection.

“The public has become increasing less prone to lớn respond to lớn environmental messages,” he said. “Economic messages are needed in order to lớn attract the public's interest.” Too often, Boley and Green said, unique natural resource areas are converted into urban, suburban and agricultural developments without considering their ecotourism potential. In addition to lớn the lost ecotourism revenue, there are a host of negative environmental consequences such as biodiversity loss, water and food shortages and the land being unable to lớn mitigate the effects of climate change. These areas are not valued for their unique attributes or the valuable natural resources they provide, Green said, “so we lose them.” Tourists have historically been seen as having a negative impact on the environment. Critics complain that they violate fragile and threatened natural environments while contributing to lớn greenhouse gases from the increased number of flights to these exotic and often remote locales. While these criticisms are justified, Boley and Green said responsible programs promote education of ecological conservation and environmental sustainability, fostering a greater understanding and appreciation of these exotic areas.

(Adapted from https://wvvw.sciencedaily.com/ )

What is the best title for the passage?

A. How to lớn save the environmental resources

B. Ecotourism - benefits and drawbacks

C. The consequences of ecotourism

D. The development of ecotourism

Câu 2:

________  the siêu xe about a kilometre from the stadium, I walked the rest of the way.

A. Having parked


C. To parked

D. Being parked

Câu 3:

He received a pat on the _________ from his quấn from the new project that he had done.

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A. back

B. hand

C. hair

D. mind

Câu 4:

The room looks nice. It _________.

A. was cleaning

B. has just been cleaned

C. will be cleaned

D. is cleaned

Câu 5:

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to lớn indicate the correct word or phrase that best fits each of the numbered blanks from 26 -30

        I was an MBA student in the USA and I lived in the university’s coed dormitory. In my culture, usually, if a woman talks to lớn a man, it is a sign of romantic interest. (26)_______, in the first few days of school, I found it strange that sánh many women were talking to lớn bầm and I was under the impression that some women on my dormitory floor were interested in bầm. To (27) _____ their politeness, I would buy them flowers or offer small gifts, as is done in my country. However, I was quite surprised to lớn see that these same women now seemed (28) _______ around bầm. One was even quite offended and told bầm to lớn leave her alone. Eventually I talked to lớn the residence adviser on my floor to lớn see what I was doing wrong, and he explained to lớn bầm the way men and women usually interact in the USA. I was quite relieved to lớn hear that (29) _____ was wrong with bầm, but rather with the way I was interpreting my conversations with women. Even though I did not find the love of my life while I was in the USA, I still made many good female friends afterwards (30) _______I still maintain liên hệ.

(Source: https://books.google.com.vn)

A. However

B. Therefore

C. Moreover

D. Otherwise

Câu 6:

Read the passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D to lớn answer the questions from 31 -35.

Fiberscopes are one of the most important Outcomes of the science of fiber optics. Fibers made of glass and transparent acrylic plastic are capable of conveying light energy, and when thousands of these fibers are combined in what is called a fiberscope, they can transmit images. The most common fiberscopes contain about 750,000 fibers, each 0.001 centimeter, or 10 microns, in diameter. For certain uses, the diameter of the fiber may be as small as 5 microns.

Fiberscopes have a wide range of applications. In the medical field, physicians use fiberscopes to lớn examine internal organs and as an aid in delicate surgeries. Miniature probes have also been developed to lớn view muscle fiber, skin tissue, and blood cells. Fiberscopes have also found varied uses in industry, particularly to lớn inspect or control operations in inaccessible areas. Bundles of fiberscopes fused together in a solid plate, called a faceplate, are being used in the manufacture of television picture tubes and other cathode-ray tube devices.

The most far-reaching applications of fiber-optic technology are in communications. Optical fibers carry voice messages for telephone service. The sound of the voice is electronically broken down into thousands of pulses per second, which causes a transmitting laser to lớn send coordinated pulses of light through the optical fibers. At the receiving kết thúc, the light pulses are converted to lớn electrical signals and the voice message is reconstructed. Light-wave communication systems can handle an immensely greater number of telephone calls and television programs kêu ca the current system, and they will size the basis of the "electronic superhighway" expected to lớn crisscross the nation in the near future of the information age.

The main topic of the passage is  __________

A.The birth of the "electronic superhighway"

B. The various applications of fiber-optic technology

C. How fiberscopes have enhanced the Held of medicine

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D. How sound may be transformed into light