the guest on our show is the youngest golfer the open


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Bạn đang xem: the guest on our show is the youngest golfer the open

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The guest on our show is the youngest golfer ____ the Open.

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I have a message for people ____ by the traffic chaos.

The ____ items in Con Moong Cave are now kept in Thanh Hoa Museum for preservation and displaying work.

The Citadel of the Ho Dynasty is the only stone citadel in Southeast Asia ____ of large limestone blocks.

Emma Thompson is the most famous actress ____ on the stage here.

Have you visited the pagodas ____ on Tran Phu Street in Hoi An.

The Temple of Preah Vihear in Cambodia is composed of a series of sanctuaries ____ by a system of pavements and starcases over an 800 metre long axis.

Irresponsible tourists damaged the archaeological site and some of the relics ____ back to tát the last ruling dynasty.

The ancient houses ____ by the fire are now under reconstruction.

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The boy ____ in the accident was taken to tát hospital.

Hoi An Ancient Town is preserved in a remarkably ____ state.

Son Doong Cave, ____ in 2009, is believed to tát contain the world's largest cave passage.

The captain was the last ____ the sinking ship.

Son Doong Cave is the largest cave in the world ____ in Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park.

Don't leave anything behind, ____?

That isn't Bill driving, ____?

Nobody likes the play, ____?

The children can read English, ____?

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Your grandfather was a millionaire, ____?

I think the cities of tomorrow also need to tát consider the availability of open space, ____?

Across the globe, nations are preparing for water scarcity, ____?